August 26, 2021

The Best Behringer Pedals - The Only 4 Worth Getting

Some of Behringer's older gear doesn't have the same excellent reputation, their newer designs are every bit as good if not even better than more expensive pedals! They offer a lot for a pretty darn low price, so if you want to experiment with your guitar sounds at home but don’t want to spend the equivalent of an engine breakdown to buy it, Behringer's budget pedals are great for giving you an awesome array of pop-out effects. You can find out which we think are the best Behringer pedals by reading on.

Behringer Vintage Amp V999

A tube overdrive pedal with plenty of kick and fantasic tone for a fair price. Powered by a 12AX7 preamp tube.

This overdrive pedal is a good choice for anyone who has a solid-state amplifier and wants tube-quality guitar tone and overdrive without having to fork out on a valve amp. It is also useful to pair with any quality clean amp that lacks decent built-in distortion.

This affordable pedal uses solid-state circuitry paired with a 12AX7 preamp tube. This type of tube is in a few different famous guitar amps such as the Fender deluxe. As this type of tube, in particular, has been used for some time, it's easy to replicate such an amp's pristine tone using it.

With the drive knob set low, you can get a light fuzz. Crank it up, you can create a much heavier tone that feels at home chugging along to metal songs that rivals a much more expensive distortion pedal.

You'll love the VT999's hard bypass, noise gate, and 3-band EQ controls because they are easy to navigate on this pedal. If you are comfortable setting up your amplifier already then these controls should feel familiar.

The amp head features a large metal casing that is vital to ensure the protection of the glass tube. On the other hand, it makes this pocket amplifier much bulkier than what a typical pedal would be. This can be problematic if you need to bring it on your pedalboard because it will make your equipment very heavy and take up too much space.

However, you won't have any issues carrying this amplifier separate from your board so don't let that deter you! It weighs much less than having an entire tube amp with you anyways so this is not really a deal-breaker in our opinion. 

The sturdiness, quality tone, and hard bypass make this one of the best Behringer pedals by far.

Behringer Vintage Phaser VP1

A phaser pedal with simple control options. May be a little noisy for those after a newer phaser sound. Perfect for old school thone though.

The VP1 is for people who want the full phasing experience but don't necessarily want to buy a clone of a vintage pedal. You get all the power of the hard-to-find and difficult to operate old phasers, but within a Plug'n'Play environment that is simple and sleek in design, making this one of the best Behringer pedals.

Phase rate is controlled by an easy-to-use knob, which allows you to create tones from slow to high-rate phase shifts. You can even create an auto-wah pedal type effect with the VP1 rate set high.

This phaser also comes with a mode selector on the side that allows you to adjust how much of the pedal's tonal characteristics will be added to your signal. Whether you want your sound to be colored only partially by this pedal's effect or heavily impacted, the choice is yours! Having the settings down and low mode selected it becomes like a true bypass pedal.

One common problem that vintage pedals have is unwanted noise. The VP1 does a good job with this issue, though like with any vintage-style pedal it isn't completely silent. For something that goes through rigorous practice and performance, you might be better off choosing a more modern style of pedal.

Behringer Digital Reverb

Way more features than other digital reverb effects pedals in its price range. 

The Behringer Digital Reverb pedal brings the best of both worlds to users who want an amazing reverb pedal on the cheap. Playful and versatile, it's a solid contender for the best budget reverb pedal. It's far from perfect, but considering it costs about half of what its Boss pedal counterpart goes for, you get a great deal more bang for your buck.

The features are what really set these pedals apart from their competition in the budget range. For example, you're given 4 controls to use at your own discretion: level, type, tone, and mode. The modes include spring, plate, hall, gate, room, and modulate. This level of articulation and control is normally reserved for much more expensive pedals.

The exterior construction of this pedal is plastic. Some people might balk at using a plastic pedal, but I have never had any trouble with a plastic pedal falling apart or becoming unusable. You really have to stomp down on your pedals to get them to break.

Combining multiple reverb modes that include tonal adjustment gives the effect so many different options it's easy to get lost in the massive sea of tones you can find yourself in. The stereo output also helps with this. These are the best Behringer pedals for reverb, you can give their analog reverb a miss.

Behringer Digital Multi-FX FX600

Not the best multi-FX on the market, but gives an overall impression of what Behringer pedals are capable of. 

This is not one of the best Behringer pedals. But, this product is an introductory option for someone looking into Behringer effects pedals. These pedals offer similar quality to their standalone counterparts, but it's a little more cost-effective to buy them bundled together. It might fall a bit short of your expectations if you're looking to buy each pedal individually, but it's worth taking a look at to see what Behringer has to offer.

There's plenty of stiff competition for multi-FX pedals out there. That's true for every budget too. The thing is, this multi-effects pedal obviously doesn't compete with pedals that are much more expensive. But, this thing is so cheap! If you're just learning how to incorporate effects into your playing these are a brilliant starting point.

What Makes Behringer Pedals Good?

Behringer uses decent size pedals. Other brands have tiny guitar effects pedals in the lower price range of their lineups. This is a great way to save space on your pedalboard, but it can be an annoyance for gigging musicians because sometimes these tiny pedals are not as reliable as their bigger counterparts due to how close together they all are.

Each Behringer guitar pedal is built to last! All Behringer effects come with a factory warranty. If anything should happen to your pedal, contact their service team and they'll be happy to replace it at no charge.

They are affordable. A Behringer guitar pedal will cost you much less than an equivalent pedal from a different brand such as TC Electronic.


What Are Some Problems With Behringer Pedals?

One major drawback is they don't come with power supplies, so you will have to buy one separately.

A second potential issue is the plastic housing of each budget stompbox. this is problematic for some users that really STOMP their gear on stage.

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